The Best Places For Wine Lessons in Singapore

Whether you just want to learn and enjoy a casual wine tasting session or you’re looking to become certified in the world of wine, here are some interesting places in Singapore to help enhance your sensory to help you do just that.

Fine Wines

Fine Wines is one of Singapore’s most established places to learn about wine. It holds frequent introductory classes of 12, where each focuses on a particular wine class and region. Usually conducted in blind tasting format, these classes aim to expand your senses first to really get you to appreciate the notes within each glass.

Address: Fine Wines, 114 Lavender Street, #02-60 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729, +65 385 2438

Sunday Winedown at P.S. Café

P.S. Café has recently launched Sunday Winedown, an initiative hosted by its retail and beverage manager, Sam Herde. The monthly affair takes place on a Sunday at Martin Road’s P.S. Café , with the current line-up taking you through organic, French and South American wines. After each session, guests will be given the opportunity to buy bottles from the wines they’ve tried.

Address: P.S. Café, 38 Martin Road #01-01, Singapore 239059, +65 8188 6191


75cl is one of Singapore’s leading wine and spirits e-retailers, but it’s also got a tasting lab in its physical store where it hosts frequent masterclasses and wine launches. There’s no fixed category the classes will adhere to. They span tastings for a particular region, to appreciating the range from a select winery. With the establishment’s extensive collection of wines for sale, and its ever-growing range, this the place to be if you’re an intermediate wine lover who’s got a thirst for more.

Address: 75cl, 8 Jalan Kilang Barat,#01-06, Singapore 159351

Wine Down Weekends At Mahota Singapore

Mahota is all about organic, chemical-free living, and this philosophy goes right down to its wines. Those health-conscious folks and eco-warriors alike can all head down and explore the burgeoning world of biodynamic wines, from regions all across the world. Mahota even has a housebrand wine available, which is something not many local retailers can claim.

Address: Mahota, Kitchener Complex, 809 French Road, Level 3, Singapore 200809, +65 6299 6809


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