SK-II Tackles Women’s Age

Watch how three different women, from three different countries #changedestiny by tackling age-related pressure. In Asia, only 2 out of 10 women feel comfortable with the idea of getting older according to a new study by SK-II. The reasons are many – pressure from family and friends, society’s scrutiny or feeling the burden to marry before an artificially created deadline is up.

With SK-II’s #changedestiny philosophy and in a follow-up to last year’s “Marriage Market Takeover” campaign in China, SK-II is highlighting this topic with “The Expiry Date”. In the film, SK-II turns the proverbial expiration date many women feel like they have into a real one. We hope this piece will showcase the unspoken timelines and expiry dates society places on women and spark a conversation around age-related pressure that women all over Asia, and indeed the world, experience.


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