Kao Malaysia Launches All-New Laurier

Kao Malaysia Launches All-New Laurier with breakthrough Japanese Innovation

Kar Malaysia launched the All-New Laurier with new packaging reflects a renewed identity that is ‘Made with Love’. Designed with the needs and convenience of women in mind, the All-New Laurier sanitary pads feature breakthrough Japanese technology and innovation, particularly the ‘Ultra Absorbent Core’.

Developed based on Kao’s “Yoki-Monozukuri” values, the All-New Laurier combines the needs of consumers with innovative R&D in order to provide every woman with seamless comfort during their monthly menstruation.

The All-New Laurier is available in Perfect Comfort (Maxi & Slim) and Night Safe (with & without gathers). The innovative Japan technology in the All-New Laurier enables skin no leaks and no worries, even on the first two days.


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