It is important to choose a healthy and nutritious sahur that lasts. This Ramadan, look no further than Quaker Oats, the World’s #1 Oats Brand* for a fast, convenient and nutrient-packed option that helps keep you fuller for longer  just one serving of 40g helps keep you full for up to 4 hours!

With 9.4g of fibre per 100g and more protein than brown rice, pearl barley and wheat flour , oats fills you up and keeps you full for longer because they digest slowly, releasing glucose into the bloodstream for a slow and steady supply of energy.

Oats are a nutritious and versatile Super Grain, supplying many nutrients which are beneficial for health. To maintain its nutritional value, Quaker Oats uses whole grains: this includes the oat bran, which is high in Beta-Glucan and B vitamins; oat endosperm, rich in carbohydrates and protein; and oat germ which is also high in B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals and phytochemicals.

“At Quaker, we believe that ‘Good Days Start with Quaker’ as breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” said Alexia Horley, General Manager, PepsiCo Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Brunei, Guam and Asia Pacific Islands. “This is especially true during Ramadan as we recognise that rising earlier for sahur and getting out the door on time for school and work can make it particularly difficult to put together a healthy and wholesome meal. As Quaker Oats helps to fuel your day and keep you feeling fuller for longer, this Ramadan, Quaker Oats introduces recipes for nutritious sahur meals as well as festive treats with Malaysian celebrity chef Anis Nabilah.”


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