Former Miss Malaysia Chinese International, Debbie Goh Is Pregnant

LOCAL television actress Debbie Goh (pic) is seven and a half months’ pregnant, something she thought was difficult to happen given her age, reported China Press.

Goh said she did not have morning sickness and her eating habits were unaffected by her pregnancy.

“I was so busy that I didn’t realise I haven’t had my menses.

“Plus, I thought it would be difficult to get pregnant at my age,” said the 41-year-old former Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998.

Family and friends also did not notice she was pregnant, including her mother who was staying with her.

“She just thought I had put on weight,” she said.

Goh was not aware that she was pregnant until her second month.

“I even went to Thailand for some detox, underwent a diving licence test and played tennis before realising I was pregnant,” she said.

Goh still attends fashion events and commercial shoots but could not work for long hours or she would feel dizzy from being too tired.

As for the gender of her child, she said: “It’s a secret.”



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