Dove Launches #BeautyUnitesUs Campaign Showcasing Diverse Malaysian Beauty

Dove is taking its “Real Beauty” movement up a notch this year with significant initiatives with the launch of #BeautyUnitesUs campaign film to showcase diverse Malaysian beauty – a social media movement to share about their beautiful best friend, and introduction of the ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’ to eliminate digital manipulation from all its global advertising.

The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report (2017) showed that women globally have lost faith in what they are viewing. A primary cause of this is the increasing pressures from advertising and media to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty as a key force in driving appearance anxiety.

This year, Dove Malaysia is pledging to do the same by unveiling #BeautyUnitesUs campaign and featuring women of all walks of life in this country. Some of these women were selected based on their best photos that depicted Real Beauty in last year’s #IamRealBeauty campaign. Confident Malaysian women are stepping forward and showing us how beautiful they are in their own skin and we want to continue to champion this beautiful movement. In line with that, this year Dove would like to invite Malaysian women to share a photo of themselves with their best friends on social media and share why their best friends are beautiful, because #BeautyUnitesUs.

Dove Malaysia is also introducing the ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’ label across all its advertising content to indicate that the image has not been digitally distorted. The mark will be used across all static branded content showcasing a talent – across print, outdoor, in-store, digital and social. This initiative reaffirms Dove’s commitment to its belief to portraying accurate and genuine women 100%, as how we would see them in real life.

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